Birthday Cake for Mother and Father| Happy Birthday Mom and Dad

  Birthday Cake for Mom and Dad | Happy Birthday Mom and Dad 

Birthdays are special for everyone. Most of us have had our parents plan our birthdays when we were kids. The birthday decoration, the party food and the cake used to be so special. Our parents always try their best to give us the best in everything. We all love taking care of our parents. Many of us plan birthday parties for them. Today we are going to look at some of the best happy birthday cakes for mother and father that we can have for our parents on their birthdays. It would be so special to have a custom made birthday cake for your mum and dad on their special day. 

Awesome Birthday Cakes for Mother and Father 

Happy Birthday Cake for Mom and Dad 

Chocolate Overload Cake:

This is not simply a cake. This is magic. Brown magic if you will. Imagine rich dense chocolate cake layers filled either with chocolate buttercream or whipped cream or fluffy whipped ganache and decorated with all yummy chocolates that you can possibly think of. Getting this cake for your chocolate-loving mother or father on their birthday would be a cute thing to do, considering the number of chocolates they had brought for you when you were young. 

Happy Birthday Cake for Parents 

Sugar-Free Cake:



This is a real treat for a parent with dietary restrictions on sugar. We at Ritu's Dreamland Cakes

discuss the use of sugar substitute when the order is placed. Swerve and stevia are the most

commonly used sugar substitutes. A sugar-free cake can be made in flavor and decorated in any

flavor you like. This is the best cake for a diabetic parent on his or her birthday.

Joint Birthday Cake for Mother and Father 

It is rare but not unlikely that your mom and dad have their birthdays in the same month and they

want to celebrate them jointly on one single day. Occasions like these call for special cakes and

we can really spoil you for choice. You can select from a wide range of two-tier cakes, double

heart cakes, or from specialty cakes like flower bouquet cakes. 

Birthday Cake Design for Mom and Dad 

Favorite Drink Cake:

These cakes are exactly what the name suggests. Made to look exactly like your parent's favorite

drink, these can also be flavored accordingly if you so wish. Imagine a bottle of Jack Daniels laid

on a cake board and instead of opening it and pouring the exquisite drink into a crystal glass you

cut it with a knife. Similarly, you can also order a cake made to look like your favorite thick shake

or frappuccino. 

Cake for Parents Anniversary

I always advise my clients to go for small wedding cakes if they are celebrating their parent's

anniversary. A two-tier mini wedding cake or small three-tier cake or even a double hearts

cake work fine for this occasion. These cakes can be made in flavor. What is most unique about

these cakes is that these allow the use of two or more different flavors which necessarily do not

get mixed. As these are made to look like wedding cakes, these can be decorated in so many

different ways. We most commonly use rosettes, sugar flowers, piped, or even fresh flowers for

these. Apart from these, you can also choose from other decoratives like sprinkles, sugar balls,

edible figurines, paper cutouts, etc.


If you are planning to celebrate your parent's special day just go ahead and take the plunge. We are just a call ahead! All our cakes are made to order. In fact, we start baking after the order is placed. We have an in-depth discussion with the client to get a clear understanding of what he or she requires and we put that into action. All these special celebration cakes come with a banner or topper according to the client's requirement. 

So the next you plan to surprise your mum or dad with a treat on their birthday, you know where to go!


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