How to Find the Best Sweet Potato Pancake in Kolkata?

 How to Find the Best Sweet Potato Pancake in Kolkata? 


Sweet potatoes are an important part of Indian cuisine. They are used in both sweet and savoury dishes. Sweet potatoes baked in a clay oven and generous amounts of fresh milk cream used to be my father's favourite snack. In the west also sweet potatoes are widely used in cooking.

Bit it is not that easy to find sweet potato pancakes in Kolkata.What you get is the Bengali sweet dumpling stuffed with sweet potatoes but not pancakes.I recently came to know about sweet potato pancakes from a friend and tried making them. I have to say, they are simply yummy. 

I always like to use sweet potatoes that have a light coloured skin. I have a feeling that the ones with bright pink skin are artificially colored. Also iit is important to use them as fresh as you can. These pancakes are nutritious and also taste good.

When I decided to write about how to make sweet potato pancakes I decided to write about the original recipe that I had, the changes that I made to it and the variation that this dessert can possibly have.

How to Make Sweet Potato Pancakes? 

My love with sweet potatoes pancakes started with my quest for sweet potato pancakes in Kolkata. Here at Dreamland Cakes we have more than one recipes for sweet potato pancakes. We make them with both baked and boiled sweet potatoes, with and without eggs and serve them sometimes with a dip or with honey/maple syrup or sometimes even with ice cream.

I am also working on a savory version of these pancakes for which I will have to tweak the recipe a bit. Sweet potatoes have a natural sweetness that should not be tampered with. 

How to Make Chinese Sweet Potato Pancake? 

Chinese sweet potato pancakes are traditionally sweet and have a soft and stretchy texture. They get their characteristic stretchiness from glutinous rice flour. You can also use all purpose flour instead.

This Chinese sweet potato pancake recipe is very simple and comes together very easily. You will need sweet potatoes, glutinous rice flour, sugar and oil.

For making sweet potato pancakes, simply steam or cook the sweet potatoes and mash them. Then add sugar, mix and add flour. Lightly knead into a dough and let it rest for about 15 minutes. Roll small balls of the dough, flatten them with your palms or roll with a pin. Shallow fry each side with a little oil and your pancakes are ready.

Sometimes I like to add an egg to the dough just to make the pancakes richer and more nutritious. If you want to make sweet potato pancakes with eggs you can add them before adding the flour. 

Talking about sweet potato pancakes in Kolkata, we make these both with egg and eggless versions.

How to Make a Sweet Potato Pancake Sandwich? 

A sweet potato pancake sandwich is as delectable and wholesome as the name sounds. You basically make a sandwich using pancakes instead of bread. You just need two sweet potato pancakes and other yummy stuff. The filling can be exactly whatever meets your fancy. 

I like to sandwich poached eggs, crunchy vegetables or even grilled chicken between the pancakes. If you have made savoury pancakes you can fill them with just about anything that you like to put in between two slices of bread.

You can also create dessert sandwiches using the sweet version of these pancakes. For the filling you can use dollops of fresh whipped cream and fruits like pineapple, kiwis or strawberries. The chocolate fanatic in me likes to sandwich Nutella with slices of banana. Trust me, these are great if you love desserts for breakfast. 

We in Ritu's Dreamland Cakes make the best sweet potato pancakes in Kolkata

How to Make Eggless Sweet Potato Pancakes? 

As you can understand by now, there can be several different ways in which sweet potato pancakes can be made. They can be sweet or savoury, eaten any way you like. These pancakes can be made both with or without eggs. 

Adding eggs makes these pancakes a little richer and denser but you can completely do away with the eggs if you want to. I personally like my sweet potato pancakes made with eggs


I will share a very quick and easy eggless sweet potato pancake recipe. You will need some sweet potatoes, some sugar or salt according to your taste and flour. You can use milk or water to soften the mixture to the consistency that you like. Now you can twist the flavor by tweaking an ingredient or two here and there. For example, if you are making savoury pancakes you could add a bit of finely chopped onions or a dash of garlic. If you like them sweet, you can use nutmeg or cinnamon or some vanilla extract to keep it simple.

Ritu's Dreamland Cakes

We at Ritu's Dreamland Cakes make the best sweet potato pancakes in Kolkata. We can give you every version of these delectable pancakes. The best part of these is that these are both healthy and delicious. Do give them a try.

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