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Ever been to a bakery and marveled at the beauties across the shelves? Do you look at some beautiful cake and wish you could decorate one for yourself? Want to surprise your kid with a birthday cake made by you but are scared of decorating cakes? Trust me decorating a cake can be easier than you think.

While intricate lacework and detailed piping take a lot of skill; you can still decorate a cake beautifully if you know some easy cake decorating hacks. With some simple cake decorating hacks you can make professional-looking cakes in no time and little effort.

Cake Decorating Cherry Pie Cake
Cake Decorating Hacks- Cherry Pie Cake

1. Keep It Imperfect 

Sounds weird, doesn't it? Trust this is perhaps the easiest cake decorating hack that you can have under your belt. The trick is simply to keep the icing on the outside of the cake uneven. It saves you the botheration of having to smoothen the frosting (which can be a pain!). You can play with frosting and give it a texture using your spoon or an offset spatula. This is a creative way to decorate your cake since you can frost it in the texture of your choice.

2. Heat Things Up

If an imperfect finish is not your cup of tea or rather your piece of cake you can try this very easy hack. Simply add a thick layer of frosting on the outside of the cake. Heat up your spatula or palette knife over a flame or by dipping into hot water. Wipe off the moisture with a paper napkin and run it flat against the surface of the cake. This hack will allow you to get a smooth finish on your frosting because the heat is going to melt the fat in the frosting and make it look even and glossy. Apply the time-saving easy cake designs.

3. Cover Up 

Yes, you read that right. Cover up the outside of the cake. You can use anything that you like to gorge on. Chocolate shavings, cookies, sprinkles, sugar balls, chocolate sticks, candies of your choice, colorful breakfast cereals.... the list is endless. These easy cake designs are not only going to make your cake look beautiful but also add up to the yummy quotient.

4. Use Flowers

Another easy way to decorate your cakes is to use flowers. You can use flowers to decorate the top of the cake or place a bunch of them at the bottom.

Flowers with all their colors and shapes will allow being creative in your work. You can choose to keep them in sync with the color of your cake or place them in contrast; imagine a bunch of pink and purple flowers on top of a white cake! The only thing you have to keep in mind is that the flowers should be absolutely free of pesticides.

Christmas Cake Design
Christmas Cake Design

5. Using Stencils 

An easy way of decorating a cake is the use of stencils. You can cut patterns on a strip of parchment paper, wrap it around the cake and secure it. Check out this easy homemade cake decoration trick.

Now you just have to apply a layer of frosting on the entire cake and refrigerate it in order for the frosting to harden. Simply remove the strip of parchment to see the magic unfold. If you really are in a mood to impress your guests you can make use of ready-made lace stencils the same way as you would a parchment strip. The end result would be a fine lace design on the outside of your cake.

Cake Designing with stencil
Cake Designing and Decorating with stencil

6. Lace Trick

Want to know an easier hack to get a lace on your cake? You are simply going to love this cake decorating hack. This can be pulled off with simple lace.

Place a piece of fabric lace on top of your cake and make a contrast lace on it; e.g. confectioner's sugar on a chocolate cake.

7. A Little Cheating For Perfect Lettering 

Cake Lettering Cake Decorating Ideas
Cake Lettering Cake Decorating Ideas

Piping letters is difficult and requires a lot of practice. But that does not mean you cannot get perfectly piped letters on your cake every time. This is a very simple cake decorating hack but it goes a long way. Once your cake is frosted to your liking you can use a toothpick or a skewer to write on it. You can set it up in the refrigerator for a few minutes and follow that writing with your icing bag.

8. Use One Shape To Create Another

You don't necessarily need a number of cake pans in different shapes to make interesting cakes. A lot of shapes can be using a simple round or a square cake. This simple hack will allow you to make a heart-shaped cake out of two round cakes or a unicorn out of a square, while you get the finest easy cake designs.

9. Naked and Semi-Naked Cakes 

This is a very popular trend in the world of cake decoration. This easy cake decorating is based on the less is more. You simply don't frost the outside of the cake for a naked cake. A semi-naked cake is the one in which you do not add a second coat of frosting after the crumb coat. This simple but
the brilliant hack will give you stunning results.

Rainbow Spray Easy Homemade Cake Hacks
Rainbow Spray Easy Homemade Cake Hacks

10. Splash And Spray 

This hack is as simple as it sounds. Simply splash or spray the frosting on the cake. Imagine splashes of rainbow-colored white chocolate ganache against a milk-white cake.

11. Water Colour 

Yes! I mean it. This a simple cake designing hack that everyone can master. You simply need frosting in colors of your choice and add the colored frosting randomly on the cake. In the next step simply run your spatula or palette knife to smoothen the frosting and the effect will amaze you.

Cake Comments Easy Cake hacks
Cake Comments Easy Cake hacks

Which is your favorite cake decorating hack? Do let me know in your comments below. Please like and share the post with your friends and help them get the simple cake decorating hacks at their fingertips.

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