Soft Vanilla Sponge Cake Recipe in 9 Easy Steps|

Soft Vanilla Sponge Cake Recipe

Today I am going to show you how you can make (the way I do) super soft vanilla sponge cake at home in just 9 simple steps. Yes, I'll share my secret "Soft Vanilla Cake Recipe" with you all.
Cakes fascinate me, you know? It is amazing how the texture of the finished product can change by an alteration of one ingredient or the mixing method. A cake can have a different name and texture if it is made with egg yolks or whites or butter or oil. Again, both will vary if the mixing method is altered. Widely, cakes that depend only on well-beaten eggs to rise are called sponge cakes. No other leavening agent is added to these cakes.

Soft Vanilla Sponge Cake Recipe
Pink Flower Soft Vanilla Sponge Cake
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Sponge cakes can also be of various types but a basic sponge cake is one in which the eggs are beaten till they are really thick and voluminous. It is the air that is incorporated into the eggs which helps the cake in rising and also gives it the light and spongy texture. No matter what ingredients you use or what is your mixing method, a soft vanilla sponge cake recipe allows you to play with flavors. Though these cakes are good for eating on their own, I like to use them for layered cakes.
The porous texture of these cakes makes it possible for it to soak up a lot of liquid. So you can flavor these cakes after they have been baked with the syrup or juice of your choice.

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These cakes can be made both with butter and oil. The use of butter lends a wonderful flavor to these cakes. Butter cakes have a lovely richness and that melt in your mouth feel. Though you may have to compromise a bit on the sponginess as butter will make it a little denser. If made with oil the cake will have a very soft and spongy texture but I personally find these cakes flavorless.

Today I will share with you my soft vanilla sponge cake recipe which I use butter. This comes out extremely soft and rich and this cake can become the center of attraction in your next party or potluck. Most of the time when I carry this cake for a get together I do not get a piece for myself (since I can make it anytime)!

You can try making this soft vanilla sponge cake just the way it is or changes the flavor by adding cocoa powder or fruit reserves or extract of your choice.

Soft Vanilla Sponge Cake Recipe


Flour                           250 grams
Sugar                          250 grams
Butter                          250 grams
Eggs                                5
Milk                            ¼ to ½ cup
Vanilla Essence          2.5 tsp

Soft White three layered Vanilla Sponge Cake
Soft White three-layered Vanilla Sponge Cake

The Method of Making Delicious Vanilla Sponge Cake

1. Preheat your oven to 180°C.

2. Grease and dust a 9" cake tin.
Make sure that your butter and eggs are at room temperature.

3. Add the eggs and vanilla essence in a large clean mixing bowl and start beating. The eggs are going to increase in volume by almost four times. Your bowl should be large enough.

4. Beat the eggs till they are fluffy and thick. When you pick your beater up the eggs should fall in a uniform ribbon.

5. In a separate bowl beat the butter and sugar till nice and creamy. You should not be able to tell the butter from the sugar.

6. Sift in the flour in the bowl containing the beaten butter and sugar and start folding it. Add the milk alternately with the flour, starting and ending with flour. Depending on the consistency of the batter, adjust the amount of milk. It should neither be too thick nor too runny.

7. Now take some of the beaten eggs and add it to the flour mixture with large folds. Be very patient while doing this and take your time. Adding the flour mixture directly into the eggs may deflate them and the cake may not rise. This will make sure that you do not lose the air incorporated into the eggs.

8. Now gradually add the flour mixture into the eggs with folds and keep mixing very gently till the batter has a uniform appearance.

9. Pour into the prepared mold and bake till a skewer inserted comes out clean.

Do make this soft vanilla sponge cake next time you are decorating or just want a light airy dessert. Let me know in your comments below how this cake turns out for you. Do share this post with your friends and family and keep in touch!

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