20 Special Birthday Cake for Husband

 20 Special Birthday Cake for Husband

The birthday of a family member is a very special day. And when that member is none other than your husband it is needless to say that it is one day that you are excited about and want to make it special for him. Wouldn't you like to have your hubby cut the best cake in town on his day? Here are some of the beautiful cakes that we can offer you for this day.

1) Let There Be Chocolate:



Chocolate is the most widely loved flavor for birthday cakes. Chocolate cakes are rich, flavourful, and yummy. The dark color of these cakes makes it easy to be frosted in any color of frosting. The options that you have in regards to selecting a frosting for a chocolate cake are endless. We at Ritu's Dreamland Cakes specialize in butter-based chocolate cakes for birthdays paired with vanilla or chocolate or caramel buttercreams. You can also go for cakes frosted with ganache.

2) Alcohol Flavoured Cakes:

Does your husband like a drink or two sometimes? Does he have a favorite brand? We can make cakes infused with his favorite rum or whiskey or even beer.

3) Fruity Cakes:

Men in love with fruits can have fruits flavored with their favorite fruits. Pineapple, strawberry, blueberry, and banana are a few commonly loved fruits. We make cakes with fruit juices, preserves, or fresh pulp. Fruit flavored frostings add to the taste and beauty of these cakes.

4) Heart Cake:

A heart-shaped cake can be a very good choice when deciding upon the shape of the cake for your husband's birthday. You can choose from simple multi-layered in double heart or multi-tiered heart-shaped cakes.

5) Car Cakes:

A cake made to look like a car can be a great surprise for your husband. These can be made in any flavor with any frosting of your choice. How about a cake made to look like your husband's dream car?

6) Bike Cakes:

Bike cakes are similar to car cakes. These cakes have a sporty look and can be the showstopper for your husband's birthday party. 

7) Book Cakes:

Is your husband a bookworm? If he is, then a book cake would just be perfect for his birthday. The cake is made to look like an open book with a personal message written on it. You could also make the cake to look similar to the cover of your husband's favorite book.

8) Travel Freak's Cake:

A cake topped with things that are a traveler's constant companions. A travel bag, boarding pass, hotel keys, and similar nic-nacs made with fondant are sure to impress a travel freak. You could also opt for a cake in sync with your husband's most cherished travel memories.

9) Destination Cake:

This is somewhat an upgraded travel freak's cake. You can choose a cake that is designed to look like a travel destination. It can be a place that is special for you both or a place that is close to your husband's heart. Imagine a buttercream cake painted to look like the snow-clad mountains you had visited together.

10) Movie Buff's Cake:

This can be a very interesting cake for a movie buff. Imagine the smile on your movie lover husband's face when he finds a cake topped with the snacks that he loves munching on while at the movies. Soft and dense cake layers filled with silken frosting and topped with caramel popcorn, chips, nachos, and other titbits.

11) Gym Lover's Cake:

The best cake idea for a fitness freak's birthday. Imagine a cake topped with tiny dumbbells, resistance bands, kettlebells, and other gym equipment. A human figure depicting a guy sweating it out will complete the theme.

12) Rasmalai Cake:

This can be called a fusion cake. Layers of delicate sponges brushed with the saffron flavored milk of ras malai and filled with pieces of soft and juicy ras malai. The cake can be frosted with either whipped cream or buttercream and decorated with dollops of frosting, ras malai, chopped pistachios, and strands of saffron.

13) Gulab Jamun Cake:

Another fusion cake with layers of cake soaked with the cardamom flavored sugar syrup from gulab jamuns. The layers can also be flavored with cardamom and saffron. 

14) Special Achievements Cake:

This makes for a great treat from a wife. A birthday cake that marks a special achievement made by your husband can really make his day more special. You can order this cake to be made to mark any feat made by your husband, i.e. a long-awaited promotion, finishing that book he has been meaning to write, attaining that academic degree that he has been intending to for long, just about anything.

15) Favorite Colour Cake:

This may sound weird but can actually be a nice way to impress your husband on his birthday. There are several ways in which this cake can be made. You can go for simple ombre cakes, buttercream painted cakes in shades of a particular color, or even goedoe cakes. You can also arrange the color for the theme for the party. 

16) Galaxy Cake:

Galaxy cakes are gorgeous. The outside of these cakes is made to look like the universe with beautiful hues of black, purples, pinks, and specks of white. This can be further adorned with accents made to look like the heavenly bodies.

17) Fifty Shades Of Grey Cake:

I came up with the idea of this cake after I saw a similar cake made by an Australian baker. A wife who has a husband as debonair and possessive as Christian Grey can certainly get this cake made for his birthday. It's a lovely cake decorated with a grey tie, a handcuff or a whip. 

18) Coffee Lovers Cake:

I recently made a coffee walnut cake for a get-together and I have completely fallen in love with the recipe. The smell of coffee and the slightest whiff of vanilla give this cake a flavor that is out of this world.

19) Two Tier Red Velvet Cake:

Red velvet cakes have an amazing texture and taste. These cakes look absolutely gorgeous due to their bright color and can be paired with any frosting you like. A two-tier red velvet cake would look absolutely stunning. You can also have the cake made in any shape of your choice. This beautiful cake kept on the center table at your husband's birthday party is sure to steal the show.

20) Cookie Cakes:

People who do not love cookies are rare to find. So what can be a better treatment if your husband loves freshly baked cookies? Here again, the opportunities are endless. You can choose from the classic cookies and cream cake or a cookie dough cake or a cake that has cookies only for decoration.

What Can I Write on My Husband’s Birthday Cake? 

Idea 1: The simple and classic HAPPY BIRTHDAY with your husband's name.



What Can I Do for My Husband's Birthday? 

There are really so many things that you can do for your man's birthday. Plan a surprise birthday party. Pretend as if you have forgotten that it's his birthday and let him return to a decorated house pouring with his friends and family, good food and wine of his choice. Or you could plan a private dinner for just the two of you. Several restaurants have special packages for birthdays; choose from the one you think is best.

What Can I Gift to My Husband on His Birthday?

Whenever you buy a gift for someone, it is important to keep the person's personality and preferences in mind. Buying a gift for your significant other can be easy and difficult at the same time. You could choose from a lot of options like books, clothes, gadgets, etc. But what if you want to make it special in some other way? You can think about buying your husband a gym membership or a set of crystal glasses that he can add to his bar collection. A Kindle, a music collection, a tab, a grooming kit there are many options that you can choose from. Just remember his taste while buying gifts for your husband.

How Ritu’s Dreamland Cakes Can Help You Get the Special Cake for Your Husband’s Birthday? 

We'd consider it to be our good fortune if you choose to make us a part of your man's special day. We are ready to serve you with our freshly baked cakes customized just as you want them. We also specialize in cupcakes, cookies, mini pizza bites, and other nick-nacks that you would like to serve at the party. Just give us a call and we would be ready to roll! Chop chop!!!


As you can see you just need some creativity and planning in advance in order to make your husband's birthday special.

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